Massachusetts MENTOR

Massachusetts MENTOR

48 Sword St
Units 101-104 & 208
Auburn, MA 01501

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Krysten Feeney, Program Director, Therapeutic Foster Care

Molly Depatsy Program Director, Adult Host Home/IDD

Jeanette Vasquez, Program Director, Adult Host Home/IDD, Auburn West

Joni Cartier, Program Director, Therapeutic Mentoring

Julia Sherman, Program Director, In-Home Therapy


About Us

Massachusetts MENTOR’s Worcester office also provides services to adults and youth who have been diagnosed with developmental disabilities. MENTOR in Worcester offers an array of community-based residential and non-residential services that range in intensity, duration and frequency depending on the needs of the individual. We work with our Mentors, or specially trained caregivers, to help those we serve adjust to their new family environments through supportive services and ongoing therapeutic contact. The Worcester Adult Shared Living Program has been serving Worcester County and beyond for over fifteen years and extends to all of Central and Western Massachusetts. As individuals are able to “graduate” from one level of support to the next, we seek to grow with them, moving from intensively supervised shared living to more independent living situations as appropriate. Our program also provides a transitional services specialist whose main focus is our 18-22 year old population. These are young men and women who have chosen to remain in DCF custody voluntarily. Utilizing Mentors our goal is to teach them necessary life skills and self-advocacy strategies to get ready for independent adulthood.

Services offered at this location

  • Adults & Children with Disabilities
    • Residential Services
    • Hourly Support Services
    • Case Management
      & Crisis Intervention
    • Respite
    • Specialized Services
  • Children and Family Services
    • Community-based Services
    • Therapeutic Foster Care
    • Family Centered Treatment
    • Wraparound Service